Mobile Accomodations for extreme conditions

The modular build bivouac consists of light prefabricated individual components. The consruction is fixed area-independently on a MERO three-dimensional framework. The assembly of types of different size and function takes place locally within a short time and minimizes assembly and travel costs. Polybiwaks work satisfactorily for 35 years now as research stations and accommodations in the ice deserts of the Antarctic and the mountains of the Anden, as well as safety-bivouacs in the alps.

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The modular system provides any kind of assembling

This product was developed due to its conception already described primarily for extreme areas and as the project-chronicle shows, in the last 30 years been used in such areas.

In the Antarctic eight such bivouacs move around on aluminum or wood carriages at the Filchner shelf ice as scientific stations for the German Alfred-Wegener-Institute for over 25 years now. Another bivouac at the Lili Marlen glacier in the Antarctic provides a stationary accommodation for scientists.

A big version was set up in the anden at 2000, 4000 and 6000m as a medical research station in the seventies.

Various bivouacs in the alps fulfill their function as emergency accommodation for mountaineers since 1971.

At the Ski-Worldcup in Schladming 1974 and in the following years Polybiwaks were used as TV and press cabins.